Hey, I’m Meg. A videographer, photographer, writer, and designer of sorts – I like to dabble in a bit of everything.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, then ventured to Fredericton, New Brunswick where I pursued my undergrad and played for the university’s volleyball team. After exploring the Atlantic provinces for five years, I moved back to Winnipeg. I jumped right back in to school at Red River College. Two years of school went by quick and I completed my degree in Creative Communications, majoring in Media Production.

After a quick stint as an Interpretation Supervisor at The Forks and Riel House National Historic Sites, I moved up to Riding Mountain National Park to take on the role of Promotions & Non-Personal Media Officer. I’m now a city girl living amongst the trees.

Work keeps me busy, but I try to find time to explore Manitoba, Canada, with an occasional trip south or across the pond. I’m a lover of history, culture, and the great outdoors. You’ll most likely find me sitting by a lake, hiking a trail, trying a new restaurant, or visiting a small town museum.


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